Innovarte - Accelerate your business growth

Innovarte - Accelerate your business growth

We are a foremost supplier of high-performance UHMWPE yarns specifically designed for aquaculture nets and ropes

Our high-performance yarns portfolio offers an exceptional combination of protection and comfort for extreme sports.

Our product solutions provide both cut and thermal protection while ensuring maximum comfort.

Mooring lines made from our UHMWPE yarn deliver both secure mooring and operational efficiency, while maintaining a high standard of safety.

Providing advanced solutions for durable shoe components, from anti-perforation soles to abrasion-resistant uppers, using state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques.

We support our clients in achieving long lasting growth in the global market. We supply high performing materials and provide cutting edge expertise Located in Singapore, Milan and New Jersey


We provide an extensive portfolio of exceptional high-performance materials.

Delivering advanced technological solutions

At Innovarte, we are dedicated to delivering advanced technological solutions that prioritize protection, durability, and lightweight design.

Our products are in constant evolution, shaped by customer feedback, our experienced Innovarte team, and a global network of technical textiles experts.

We are committed to providing you with the most innovative solutions for your needs in today's fast-paced technological environment.


More performance
using less material
High tenacity, low density, fine yarns

Superior durability
Abrasion resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance

Recycled fibre
Post production & post consumption waste treatment

contribution of high-performance materials

Sustainability in technical textiles is gaining prominence as industries prioritize eco-friendly solutions.

Our Innovative materials are reducing the environmental footprint, with a focus on eco-design, durability and recyclability.

We share our expertise with clients at each steps, progressively closing the loop through the implementation of collaborative recycling programs.


Industry Expertise in High Performance Materials

Innovarte textile solutions

Innovarte textile solutions cater to a wide range of applications, all demanding top-tier performance to meet customer expectations.

From ensuring lightweight and durable ropes and nets for aquaculture and maritime uses to enhancing cut and thermal resistance in extreme sportswear and military gear, Innovarte is committed to delivering the ideal solution.

In the realm of medical applications, where the finest and most durable yarns are needed, Innovarte stands ready to provide both the right answer and proactive innovation to address future challenges.

why innovarte

Innovarte accelerates your business growth

Industry Expertise

  • Deep understanding of markets and their value chain
  • Comprehension of clients' key textile technologies
  • Monitor and anticipate major trends, cross fertilization ac ross markets

Powerful Network

  • Collaborative R&D initiatives with leading research institutions and universities
  • Strategic partnerships with industry innovators
  • Global engagement with manufacturers and brands

High Execution Standard

  • Adherence to quality and certification standards
  • Rigorous integration of various production steps
  • Utilization of cutting-edge production facilities

about us

dedicated to assisting high-performance materials companies in accelerating their business growth

our story


established in Singapore and Hong Kong as a consulting firm specializing in the high-performance textile industry


expanded our operations in Milan, Italy, and Millburn, USA


launched the commercialization of high-performance yarns, marking a significant milestone in our journey


set up yarn processing in Italy

what we do

Innovarte specializes in commercializing high-performance fiber yarns that meet the highest standards of quality and performance.

We are dedicated to delivering unique solutions to our clients in the industry by integrating cutting-edge materials, market knowledge, and technological expertise.

Our commitment involves continuous research and partnerships to develop innovative propositions that anticipate the market's future needs.

senior team

Our team excels in successfully managing complex projects at the senior leadership level. We boast a robust network within the industries we serve and their corresponding value chains.

portrait of Olivier Boubeaud

Olivier Boubeaud

Managing Director

portrait of Umberto Rognoni

Umberto Rognoni


portrait of Jean-François Changeux

Jean-François Changeux

Manager America

partnership and ecosystem

Innovarte collaborates with leading companies, top innovators, research institutions, and universities worldwide.

We take pride in our essential partnerships, which include:



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